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THE BRYANT C PROJECT interview @ Aj&dbs

Posted on December 23, 2011 at 1:30 AM

01 -  Artist Name  = THE BRYANT C PROJECT

02- Location Winchester KY 

03 - How did the project come into existence? = I became tired of looking for members to make up a band that did not have the same vision that I had. Being a guitar player, singer, and song writer I began writing the music and writing the lyrics that would be sung for THE BRYANT C PROJECT you can also see all of my links and hear my music on my site

04 - Who are the members of the band if any and please tell us about it? = This is a solo project so I am the only member. I play guitar, sing, and song write all of the music. Bryant C. is what I go by. I enjoy making music for people to hear .

05 - How would you describe your sound/genre? = My music to me is a mix of the sounds that I have grown up with. I have a spread out sound but all of the music is on the same stage. Some of my songs have a rock groove type of vibe. A good amount of the music is music that you can move too and music that you will feel. Some of the music is on the slower side some with flows and some with vocals that lay right on the guitar in a smooth connection. I have a blues influence in my guitar playing and also like that raw sound that can be made with a guitar. I just try to bring out what I hear going on in my head when I have that idea and the rest I let the people decide on.

06 - What formal training or previous experience do any of the members have? = I started playing back in 96 when I was a kid. I put effort into it more so around 97 and 98. A lot of days of coming home and going straight for the guitar maybe playing to my favorite album at the time from begining to end or later on learning my way around the neck of the guitar in a more original way. Things that I would come up with. Learning scales chords the normal but also doing finger warm ups, and exercises of that nature. I briefly went to a music school Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA which was also a good experience. I have vocals exercises that I do aswell. I hear those are important. Warming up to a click is good. If you make it a habbit you can hear it in your head whenever you want, and that's key to having good timing when your playing with others or even to a split track which I am doing live. I played in bands a lot through out high school and later had my first gig while in high school. I try to fit training for music into my everyday life.

07 - Are you working w/ a producer on your upcoming album? = On my album I am pretty much writing and arranging everything. I do plan to work with producers soon aswell. I look forward to that and seeing what ideas they can blow up even more.

08 - Who would you say has been the biggest influence on the bands sound or that you have used as inspiration for your music? = My biggest influences have been Jimi Hendrix Ace Frehley Michael Jackson Alice in Chains 2pac bone thugs n harmony bob marley it could go on. I come from a wide background of music so there are many influences. These are some of the main ones that come to mind.

09 - What advice would you give to others starting out? = Work hard on your music and also work hard on getting your music and name out there. Play shows like crazy. Hearing music is one thing but when you give your listeners a live show and let them see the energy that comes with that music it can be a good thing.

10 - Where can people go to learn more about you and hear your music? = I want to make this simple and easy for everyone so I am going to say go to my site where you can hear all of my music and have access to all of my pages through links leading to youtube, reverbnation, twitter, facebook, cdbaby ect. Check it out! 11 - If you could play anywhere in the world or with anyone you wanted where and who would it be with? = It would be nice to jam with Ace Frehley for a live crowd at Madison Square Garden haha

12 - What has been your greatest experience so far either individually or as a whole? = Recently I played a show at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood CA off Sunset blvd. It was the most professional place I have ever played. Having a dressing room, and opening the show to a curtain opening huge stage to move around on and good people seeing me it all felt good. Plus so many legends have played that stage. I hope to be right behind em'.

13 - Do you have any upcoming events or news you would like to tell our readers about? = I have 3 shows coming up I would like to speak on. The first is in Spring City PA on 12/15/11 at 8pm it's going to be recorded and a good night for all. Then I'll be playing Louisville KY at Highland's Taproom on 12/18/11 another good time in store. Then I'm going back to New York to play at The Shrine World Music Venue on 12/29/11 at 8pm closing out the year with a bang doing these shows so if your in the area come on out. If you know anyone in those areas spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in coming out.

14 - Where do you see yourselves or hope to be in about 5 years? = In 5 years I really believe that I will be happy where I am in my career in music. I know if I continue to work as hard or even hard then I have been that I will be happy at my standing point. By then I would like to have an even larger fan base and touring a lot. I would like to have a large amount of good quality music done and in the hands of many people. Seeing new places outside of the USA is another thing I am going for. I want this to be global.

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